Issues relating to crime and justice are endlessly fascinating. Picture perfect looks at how forensic identification techniques have developed over the centuries, and are used today. Then there were none takes a look at the disturbing issue of familicide, as does A Typology of Familicide Perpetrators in Australia, which recently came out in Psychiatry, Psychology & Law, and was based on my Master of Psychology (Forensic) dissertation. (I will post a full text copy as soon as I manage to get behind the paywall.)

Having worked with sexual offenders in a high security protection prison for men, I also write about the etiology, treatment and management of sexual offending. It’s a difficult and divisive topic, but until we start treating this as a public health issue, we’re not going to beat the problem. These stories include The most reviled of crimes, published in the Law Society Journal on 01 October 2018. If you’d like a pdf of the full story, please contact me.